Here you can read what some of our loyal customers have had to say about our products and the Pet Chef Express experience. If you'd like to contribute to this page, we would love to hear from you! Please email us at info@petchefexpress.ca.

“ Dear Pet Chef: I'm an Italian Greyhound puppy who loves going on long walks around the seawall with my best friend and master James. He wants me to stay healthy and active for a long time, so I started eating Pet Chef.  It makes him happy knowing he's feeding me a premium dog food.....and when he's happy, I'm happy too.


Another satisfied canine

“ The first time I tried Pet Chef, I mixed with my then current brand. My dog Jack actually picked your food out of his dish. Couldn't believe it!

Burnaby, BC

“ I have used Pet Chef Express for a year now. My dogs have allergies to meat by-products and can be severe reactions at times. I slowly weaned them onto this product and they love it. The best part about the product is the fact that it is a high quality, grade and natural. Secondly, service has been awesome. I get the product delivered directly to me at home or work. In these busy times, I appreciate the personal touch. My pets are my life, I truly want the best for them and appreciate as well as support someone willing to develop a premium pet food.

Surrey, BC

“ Since switching to Pet Chef, I've noticed a shinier coat on one of my dogs. They both really love the food.

Coquitlam, BC

“ Pet Chef Express has been a great product for my two little Schnauzers-Jenny and Jackson. They can't wait for breakfast and supper! As well, I greatly appreciate Pet Chef Express's customer service "delivery" to your door. Great product, great service, great company!

Red Deer, Alberta

“ A devotee of the BARF diet, I needed to find a food for my Great Danes that would be more convenient for traveling yet maintain the excellent condition of my dogs. I have been delighted with the Pet Chef product, their condition has remained top notch and there was very little reaction to the switch over.

Red Deer, Alberta

“ We LOVE Pet Chef Express...That is, Clancy, Abigail and Buddy love it ...I have not yet tried it!
We started using this product last Nov. and have witnessed a MAJOR overall improvement in our `VIP's’...

  • They love the taste! We used to have to throw out dog food because it was left in the bowls!

  • Their coats are soft, shiny and gorgeous! ... and not because I spend time with grooming! These are farm dogs who spend their day romping in the field and taking "dips" in the dug-outs ...I could be bathing them every day!

  • They are full of energy and vitality! Just real happy, healthy dogs!

  • Abby has even lost a few pounds...this is a GOOD thing...she was over 100 lbs!

  • Clancy has had seizures in the past and the vet has never been able to pinpoint why. Since being fed Pet Chef he has not had one!! (7 months) I cannot explain this...the vet cannot explain this...all we know is that he has not had one since!

  • Buddy used to vomit after eating...did not matter which brand of kibble we tried! Well, guess what? He has not "woofed his cookies" since! Well, he has 2x but NOT because of his food...1x because he ATE MY TEETH! (yes, really!!) and the 2nd time because he ate a baseball!

I have done my "research" on nearly every brand of kibble I have found...THIS IS THE ONE for my babies! The ingredients are superior, it is sooo GOOD for them, the price is fair and they LOVE it! What more could you ask!
We also have 7 cats and are anxiously waiting for the cat food to appear! They are VERY persnickety eaters ...there is nothing they really like! (with the exception of "people" tinned salmon, tuna, sardines, etc!) So, if the reaction we have received from the dog food is any example...the cat food will be a God-send! Thank-you for caring enough about our four-legged fur babies to create this WONDERFUL product!

Kathy, Colin, Clancy, Abigail and Buddy
Red Deer, Alberta

“ I have been feeding my dog, Colby, Pet Chef food for the past year and I am extremely happy with the results. I knew that this was the food for Colby when I first introduced it to her. For about a week I mixed Pet Chef with my old brand to slowly introduce it to into Colby’s diet. Well, the results were amazing. Colby would literally pick through her bowl so that she could eat the Pet Chef kibble and she would leave the rest of the food behind. Colby used to be a very finicky eater who would often let her food sit for hours and now she literally finishes her breakfast and dinner in minutes. To top it all off, the service is first rate. Laurie is always quick to respond to purchase orders and deliveries are always on time. I never have to lug around heavy bags!

Coquitlam, BC

“ My name is Kaz, and I'm a cat. My owners switched over to Pet Chef's cat food and left a bag of it on the floor as they were heading out for dinner. I am a very well mannered cat, but, how could I resist? I had to open it and give it a try, but couldn't find the scissors, so just ripped into it! They were so suprised to see me take such an interest in dinner, they took this picture.

Take it from me, this is a nutritious cat food that even finicky cats will enjoy!


Kaz (the cat)
Vancouver, BC

“ When we first introduced Lulu and Cooper to Pet Chef Express food, they went crazy for it – we were convinced that they thought we had poured their tasty kitty treats into their food bowls by mistake!! They love it and it’s good for them – what more could a pet owner ask for. As you can see, they are both pretty furry felines and this food has done wonders for reducing hacked up hairballs in the house. This is also a good thing for us, because let’s face it; no one likes cleaning up hairballs. Switching over was quite a simple process and the cats appear healthier since they made the switch. Thanks Pet Chef, you definitely have two big fans in Richmond.

Richmond, BC

“ I have a beautiful Golden Retriver called Jesse James this is his story. I have tried store bought foods for years without great success, my dog Jesse had endless skin problems he would scratch all the time, had black disharge in his both ears which had a real bad odour, his coat would smell even days after bathing him which I hear is not uncommon for golden retrievers. Anyway, I decided to try your dog food and was amazed at the results, within the first two weeks he was scratching a lot less, his coat was in much better condition, he had no more black discharge in his ears, his coat did not smell even after going in the lake all summer. He even lost weight as he was eating much better quality food. I will never buy regular commercial dog food ever again.

Summerland, B.C.

“ I have 3 dogs, two rotweillers and one chihuahua and they have been on Pet Chef food for one year. They love it, their coats are as shiny as can be. I took a picture of them with their bags of food and you can see how much they love it. My dogs names are Riley, Dakota and little Sabrina.

Winfield, B.C.

“ The only thing Bella loves more than her sleep is Pet Chef cat food! Everyone comments on how silky her fur is, and how bright her eyes are. She sheds much less than her sisters who eat other brands. This pet food is amazing and we would never switch!

British Columbia

“ Dear Pet Chef People,

Thank you for great products. It took me a little while to adjust to the new kittie litter but I love it now. Kitties love their new food. I love the home delivery and the packaging of the food. The foil bag closes nicely. Mostly, I am pleased with the way the Home Kats look and act. They are happy with their new food (and yes I can tell the difference). I enjoy the home service and I love supporting local producers. Keep up the good work.

New Westminster, BC

“ Our two & a half year old Irish Terrier has been on a Pet Chef diet since the spring 2007. The best testimonial we can provide is every day living proof of an ever inquisitive Irish Terrier. Her eyes are bright and she is always ready for a terr. Her coat is sound, her teeth white, Ruby is a picture of canine health and happiness. In very large part, Ruby's success, I believe, is due to her Pet Chef diet and regular exercise. Home delivery is an added bonus, and Paula, our Pet Chef Rep is pretty nice too.

Dave & Jill H.
Calgary, Alberta

“ Regarding Pet Chef Express 'Chicken, Rice & Salmon' formula dry food for cats: I'd like to say how happy I am with improvements I've seen in my two cats over the last couple of years since switching, and that this is obviously a quality product. The cats' energy has noticeably increased. They seem to have more fun and are playful even though several years past kitten-hood. They don't need extra visits to the veterinarian because they never get sick, eyes are clear and noses don't get sniffles. Their coats have also changed since they've been eating Pet Chef - glossier and softer to touch, and less loose hair (always a bonus). Both cats know where the food is kept, of course, and they eagerly guide me in that direction and ask for extra helpings. It has really replaced most treats for them and they are thriving. I'm especially impressed with the ?ingredients we never use? list shown on the website. Another great convenience is having Pet Chef Express delivered to my door - this has been a great help and time-saver.

Sincerely, Linda C.
Calgary, Alberta





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