Are you a Canadian company?


Proudly Canadian in every way we are headquartered in British Columbia and our food is made in Alberta.


What makes Pet Chef Express different from other pet foods?


The answer is two-fold: partly because of the choice ingredients we use, and partly because of the ingredients we do not use. Every ingredient is human-grade! For example, Wild Pacific salmon caught from Canadian waters is the primary ingredient in our Salmon & Potato Premium Natural Blend for Dogs, fortified with salmon oil, barley, oats, carrots, potatoes, garlic, flax, eggs and other healthy ingredients. None of our ingredients are genetically modified. And, unlike most pet food companies, we never use artificial preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, or cheap fillers like wheat, corn, by-products, animal digests, beet-pulp, gluten, or the very misleading "natural flavours". Moreover, we do not add any salt or sugar to our foods. Check out our complete Ingredient List .


Sounds delicious, but will my pet like it?


Absolutely! We have enjoyed tremendous results with all of our products. Remember, we only use the best ingredients available.


Why did you choose Salmon for both your dog and cat foods? Further, is it farmed or wild?


We do not use farmed salmon! The salmon that we use is wild and is caught from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Canada. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are known to promote the development of a healthy skin and coat and have many other health benefits. While beef, lamb, and chicken are popular protein choices, a growing number of dogs are showing allergic responses. We wanted our dog food blend to be something unique with low allergy tendencies.


How much of Pet Chef's dog food concentration is made up of Salmon?


Salmon makes up 25% of the food weight, followed by oats (20%), millet (20%), and hulless barley (20%), collectively totaling 85%.


Why did you choose canola oil your dog food?


Canola oil is balanced with Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and will help provide a very luxurious coat. Sunflower oil, which is used in our dog treats, is also an excellent source of Omega 6 fatty acids.


Why don't other manufacturers offer similar ingredients to Pet Chef Express?


Large American companies dominate the pet food industry in Canada and the US. Typically, pet food products are an extension of their human food processing operations - unfit ingredients for humans become pet food. Profits come before pet nutrition. At Pet Chef Express, we are a small company dedicated to quality pet nutrition.


I have a very finicky cat, will he like this food?


So far the results have been tremendous. Even the fussiest of cats have taken to our food. Our combination of free-range chicken and Wild Pacific Salmon seems to be a hit!


Where can I buy Pet Chef Express?


Pet Chef Express is available through retail outlets as well as home delivery. Please refer to the Home Delivery and Retail Outlets links for more information. We are also now available through select retailers in Asia.


What are the advantages of having my pet food delivered?


Think of the convenience! As our lives are becoming increasingly hectic, wouldn't it be nice to have one less thing to worry about? You can choose to make a phone call when delivery is needed or, even better, schedule regular delivery dates to ensure you never run out. Remember, delivery is included in the price, so Pet Chef Express offers great value!


What if there isn't a reseller offering home delivery  in my neighbourhood?


Pet Chef Express is expanding across Canada. If we are not in your neighbourhood yet, we may be soon! We are avaliable at select retail stores, so you have the option of purchasing our products on-site.  If there are no retailers in your area please contact us directly by phone or email. There may be the possibility to have food delivered by a nearby reseller and, in some cases we may even be able to ship food to you direct from the warehouse.


Will you be offering more products in the future?


Initially we were planning on offering further blends of both cat and dog foods, however, because of the tremendous response to our current blends, we have put off plans of adding other flavours.


Is your food suitable for puppies and kittens?


Yes, both of these products have been formulated to satisfy nutritional requirements for All Life Stages. For example, adult protein levels for dry dog foods tend to range from 18 to 26% while for puppies the range is 22 to 28%. Our Salmon and Potato Dog Food Blend's protein concentration is 25% so it is suitable for all ages. However, the amount you feed to your dog will vary depending on age, breed, environment, activity level and other unique factors to your dog.


Is this a multi-level marketing (MLM) or pyramid company?


Absolutely not! We authorize only one reseller per territory, so no ulterior motives here. We are a legitimate company selling our quality products to screened, authorized resellers who in turn, sell and deliver directly to you.


How can I get information on selling Pet Chef Express products or becoming an investor?


Please contact us at info@petchefexpress.ca or 604.916.2433 for more information. As we are rapidly expanding, we do have exciting opportunities available and would love to hear from you!


My pet is currently on a special diet from our vet. Is it OK to switch?


You may be alarmed to learn what is in your special vet food (check out the ingredients using our definition tools: Pet Chef Ingredients and Ingredients To Avoid). Some vets are starting to sell better quality foods or recommending them, but most still sell one or two lines of poor quality foods which may alleviate symptons initially but could do further damage down the road. We believe nutrition is key to good health. Pet Chef provides that! However, if your dog or cat is being treated for a medical condition, we do strongly recommend discussing with your vet before changing diets. Ask some pointed questions about the ingredients in the special vet brand (do you see "by-products", "meat", "poultry" or "natural flavours" listed?) and ask specifically what in the diet is treating your pet's condition. The answers, or lack of them, may surprise you.


How long will a bag of Pet Chef stay fresh?


Our food doesn't contain artificial preservatives, so it will not last as long as most commercial brands. Instead, we naturally preserve with vitamins E and C. Every bag has an expriy date label and is guaranteed to be fresh until that date if unopened and stored in a cool, dry place. Once opened, if stored in a cool dry place and not exposed to air (tightly wrap up the bag opening or transfer the food to a storage bin with a lid), the food will stay fresh six weeks.


I have a very small dog with an even smaller appetite. Can I freeze Pet Chef food?


Yes. Best to do this immediately after opening a fresh bag of food.
Transfer the kibble to a freezer safe bag and squeeze out air pockets, before putting into your freezer.


Your food contains an ingredient called "mannanoligosaccharides" or "nutritional yeast". What is its purpose?


Also known as MOS, this is a probiotic yeast extract that helps prevent unwanted bacteria to grow in the stomach and intestines, and thus allowing friendly bacteria a better chance to flourish. MOS is not broken down by enzymes and therefore is able to pass along with the unwanted bacteria and toxins. This helps boost the immune system and overall digestive process.


Are Pet Chef products certified organic??


Our dog treats are certified organic but the dog and cat foods are not. However, both the dog and the cat foods are made from human grade ingredients!


How many 8oz cups are in your 13kg bag of dog food, and how many calories per cup?


About 135 cups, each at approximately 462 calories.














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