About Us

The inspiration for our company came from our families. In fact, Charles, Lucy and Cranston were extremely influential in the development of Pet Chef Express. You see, all three of these family members are dogs, and all three had been experiencing difficulties with their diets. Charles, a Shar Pei, had a very delicate stomach; Lucy, a Golden Retriever, had experienced very bad seasonal allergies; and later Cranston, a Chocolate Lab, suffered from essentially every food allergy in the book.

We had always shared a dream to one day own our own business. However, we were looking for a business that would be rewarding both financially and, more importantly, emotionally. After considering many alternatives, we had an epiphany: Wouldn’t it be great to incorporate our passion for animals into a business? The seeds for Pet Chef Express were sown.

We needed to find a dog food that would provide maximum nutrition while at the same time help alleviate the problems with our dogs.  As a business idea, we decided that in addition to retail locations we would offer a home delivery service – something that was almost unheard of at the time.


Pet Chef Express, Inc. was first incorporated in 1997 by Glenn Antonelli and Randy Manhas and has developed into a company that today proudly manufactures its own exclusive blend of pet food.  The three factors fundamental to Pet Chef Express are: Pets, Food, and Retail/Home Delivery.





We believe that pets are integral members of any family. As such, we constantly strive to find ways to improve both the duration and the quality of their lives. As a company, we believe  that pet owners:


  • Care for their pets as if they were family members.

  • Want their pets to be healthy, both inwardly and outwardly.

  • Strive to provide the best nutrition for their pets.



Pet Chef Express is committed to manufacturing pet food that is of the highest quality in the industry - everything is human grade! We strongly encourage the comparison of our ingredients with those of competitors.

Pet Chef Express offers pets a high quality, natural based diet that exceeds AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) nutrient guidelines.

The first quality blend of Pet Chef Express food was our Salmon & Potato Blend for dogs. This blend of food has wild Pacific Salmon caught from Canadian waters as its primary ingredient. It is also fortified with wholesome ingredients such as salmon oil, carrot, potato, garlic, flax and eggs.

Almost as importantly, however, are what ingredients we exclude: artificial flavours, artificial colours, artificial preservatives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), wheat, corn, by-products, animal digests, beet pulp, gluten meal, or the very misleading "natural flavours".

We are proud to say that our newest products have followed with the same level of quality and nutrition. We believe that our cat food blend is second to none!


Retail/Home Delivery


The way that people manage their lives today is very different than in the past. More than ever before, people are living busy and chaotic lives; whether it is working late at the office, driving to soccer practices, attending dance lessons, or taking care of other family responsibilities. Everyone is looking for ways to find more time in their schedules.


At Pet Chef Express, we decided that in addition to making our food available at retail outlets we would offer home delivery service as an option. You can even schedule regular delivery times!


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